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Team Coaching

As a Leadership Coach and Consultant, Gudrun specialises in coaching leaders and teams during changes, transitions and re-organisation. With extensive experience in organisational change, leadership- and team development, she offers a unique approach - combining her background of leading Talent Management and Change Initiatives in Fortune 500 corporations with Coaching- and Positive Organisational Psychology. 

Her coaching approach targets teams to develop the skills and mindset needed to thrive in today’s volatile and fast-paced environment. A systemic team coaching approach aims to support performance and create a positive team culture, taking into account both the individual and the team as a whole. A cohesive team fosters well-being, collaboration, engagement, creativity and productivity - to bring continued growth and value. Going beyond establishing clear goals, the intention is to profoundly recognise and make more use of different strengths and preferences - to cultivate a positive team culture and high quality connections.

Team Coaching Program's are tailor-made to your company’s requirements.

Value of Team Coaching 

Team coaching consists of series of guided conversations, within a space for open dialogue supported by core coaching skills. 

The focus is on overcoming obstacles that are holding the team back, goal setting, deepening awareness, developing action plans for continuous improvement and creating accountability. 

Team coaching focuses on strengthening the team as a whole - linking back to business goals, with emphasise on results and high quality communication and collaboration.

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We offer a wide range of assessments and solutions to support the leadership coaching process.
Insights Discovery® Team Effectiveness
Discovering Team Effectiveness explores team preferences to understand enablers and blockers to performance. We explore how teams communicate, individual strengths and development opportunities, to create more awareness on individual preferences for optimal team collaboration and performance. 
360-Degree Feedback 
360-degree feedback can act as a catalyst for identifying perceived areas of strengths, uncover under-utilised strengths and targeting areas for development.  They support teams creating an open line of communication, allowing everyone to receive and share feedback to strengthen collaboration and effectiveness within a team.
MBTI or Myers-Briggs personality insights is a psychometric assessment based on the theory of psychological type. The MBTI is used as a fast way in team coaching to open up topics, get people talking about themselves, and identify areas to strengthen team cohesion.  
Strength Discovery
Discover more about strengths to improve performance and engagement within the team. Creating awareness of collective and individual strengths can boost innovation, productivity and engagement. Employees who apply their strengths every day are up to six times more engaged according to studies. 

Gudrun Lind is an Executive & Team Coach with two decades of experience in talent- and leadership development within multinational corporations.  


A human potential catalyst she supports leaders and teams in expanding their capabilities to thrive in today’s complex world of work through clarity of purpose and passion for impact.

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