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Growth Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching is at the core of the Growth Coaching process. Positive Psychology aims to significantly impact our feelings, behaviour and actions. It focuses on what is working well, rather than what is going wrong. It aims to bring a better balance between the positive and the negative and offers clever strategies to help you better manage the inevitable ups and downs in life. 

Positive Psychology Coaching offers a structured and scientifically solid approach to exploring and harnessing personal strengths, values, strengthening relationships and communication approaches, enhancing wellbeing and honing in on your most valuable goals. It moves us towards a greater sense of wellbeing and meaning, which brings many benefits beyond positive emotions. 

We explore opportunities to create more optimal human functioning, whatever that means for you and your life. Growth Coaching is your space to work on the areas that you identify as significant for your growth, to create and move towards your goals and  vision of what is possible. 

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Would you like to ..
  • Get clarity on your core values and what matters most 

  • Find a sense of enhanced well-being and reduced stress

  • Waist less energy on things beyond your control

  • Cultivate greater self-awareness and sense of fulfilment in daily life

  • Create positive energy and emotional well-being

  • Improve stress management and resilience

  • Confidently pursue towards what brings you purpose and meaning 

  • Live life in more alignment with your values

  • Feel more connected and present

  • Create a better balance between your work and personal life

How it works
Discovery Call
Coaching only works in an environment of trust, and the discovery call helps us determine if we are a good fit.
Define Clear Goals
First, we find out where you are to identify the ideal situation and what you seek to change. Coaching happens in the gap between the two. Specific intentions and goals are defined and reviewed periodically to align with your reality and needs.
Co-Create Options
The core of the coaching process is to create space for reflection, and use thought-provoking questions to look at the situation differently. We find clarity to shift perspectives, reframe and co-create new possibilities. 
Action Planning
To move forward, we need to take action. My role is to support you to determine concrete steps relevant to your goals and developmental planning.
Let it happen
Translating insights into action in the real world. You experiment with new ideas and behaviours, testing different tactics to find out what proves most effective. There is more than one way to do most things.
Achieve Goals
Celebrating success, small and big steps, is a central part of our coaching.  Capturing progress, building momentum and ensuring that we reflect on the progress made. 
Lasting Change
Over time coaching can provoke a profound experience. Once we learn to become more self-aware, more tuned in to our mindset, values and priorities, we develop a deeper trust in ourselves, sparking further changes and growth in the future. 

Coaching focuses on an individual situation with the kind of attention and commitment that people rarely experience elsewhere. Each coaching program is tailored to meet your needs - to reach your goals and achieve sustained positive change and impact. 

When you work with me, you are working with an experienced, trained and accredited professional coach. For the last two decades, my career focuses on individual- and organisational development. We use evidence-based applications tailored to encourage your optimal thinking, turning insights and 'aha' moments into meaningful actions, progress and results! 

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