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Executive Coaching

The world is constantly evolving and changing, and to lead in today's world requires us to constantly adapt and shift our way of thinking and our way of being. Coaching is one of the most powerful and fastest way to develop ourselves in a real-time context.


Coaching focuses on an individual situation with the kind of attention and commitment that people rarely experience elsewhere. Each coaching program is tailored to meet your goals - to support your needs in real-time where we tackle what is relevant for you in each moment to achieve sustained value and impact. 


Often the challenge is not learning something new; the greatest challenge is to unlearn. Coaching pushes the limitations we have created for ourselves, behavioural reactions that no longer serve us so that we learn to respond more skilfully from a flexible state of mind, adapting to what is required moment to moment. 

Coaching supports you to ..
  • Be more effective as a leader

  • Shift your team composition

  • Change the way of handling complex situation

  • Be more aware of the drivers behind different behaviour styles 

  • Transform your communication style

  • Develop your vision and ability to inspire

  • Create a better team cohesion

  • Lead with more courage and emotional intelligence

  • Find ways to engage your team and improve overall motivation

  • Dedicate more time towards the activities at work that bring energy and meaning

  • Reduce work-related stress and find more balance

  • Be on top of your career development and succession planning

We offer a wide range of assessments and solutions to support the leadership coaching process.
Insights Discovery® Leadership Effectiveness
Discovering Leadership Effectiveness supports leaders in becoming better leaders and creating awareness to understand their natural leadership style and adopt a more situational leadership style based on individual preferences in their teams. 
360 Reviews
360-degree feedback can act as a catalyst for identifying perceived areas of strengths and targeting essential areas to develop further -  that may or may not be evident.  
MBTI or Myers-Briggs personality insights helps to create awareness of self - which is key to the success of every leader. A better understanding of self, leads to better understanding of others. 
Strength Discovery
Identify your strengths and challenges as a leader - to identify the most pressing and important issues for your growth and development. 

Gudrun Lind is an Executive & Team Coach with two decades of experience in talent- and leadership development within multinational corporations.  A human potential catalyst she supports leaders and teams in expanding their capabilities to thrive in today’s complex world of work through clarity of purpose and passion for impact.

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