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Career Growth Coaching
  • Are you in between jobs and tired of doing it alone?

  • Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your current role?

  • Are you ready to lean into your potential and enter the next growth level?


Career coaching supports you to reach your ultimate career goals and aspirations. As your coach and your thinking partner, my role is to support you in overcoming any challenges you may be facing in your current role, transition or a new job search. Change is rarely easy, but it is indeed more manageable when we have a thinking partner to guide the process and co-create a clear sense of direction. 

Together we will strengthen awareness of your strengths and how to better leverage and connect to your passions. Determine strategies and resources available to you and come up with action steps and plans to reach your goals. 


We take advantage of assessments and interventions to support the coaching journey, specific to your needs, preferences and coaching goals.

Coaching supports you to ..
  • Strategically navigate through a career transition

  • Have professional support and a sounding board for every aspect of career transition 

  • Clarity and direction towards your career goals

  • Clarity on your core strengths, what you enjoy, what is important - and  ways to bring more of that into your career

  • Accelerated advancement in your current role

  • A deeper understanding of what exactly you want from your career and ways to create it

  • Find a job that fits your personality and ambition

  • Alignment of your vision and goals with your career trajectory

  • Enhanced sense of meaning and passion in your career

  • Leverage your transferable skills and figure out what skills need further development 

  • Galvanize your network and create new opportunities

Confident man, hands on hips, stands in front of a crossroad with road split in three diff

My coaching programs are customised to support your goals, targeting the areas where you need to focus. Coaching is a partnership of co-creating possibilities and working with me means you are ready to take action towards your aspirations. 

The purpose of the discovery call is to explore your needs and if we are a good fit. 


Personality Assessment and Feedback to gain clarity on your strengths and value

Preparation for Interviews & High-stake conversations


Branding & Positioning

Gudrun Lind is an Executive & Team Coach with two decades of experience in talent- and leadership development within multinational corporations.  A human potential catalyst she supports leaders and teams in expanding their capabilities to thrive in today’s complex world of work through clarity of purpose and passion for impact.

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