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Retain Your Best: Coaching for Leaders who are serious about retaining their key players.

Frustrated by high staff turnover? Caught up in daily tasks and missing the bigger leadership picture? Struggling to help your team grow, putting your organisation's future at risk?

Or, realising it's time to reshape your team's dynamic, develop the team, or bring them to the next level?

If you're nodding along, you're facing very real and costly leadership challenges—one that could define your success and legacy. Perhaps it's time to ask for help. 

Hi, I'm Gudrun Lind, the founder of Thrive REimagined. Consider me your strategic partner and go-to advisor for keeping your best people. I guide senior leaders like you through a transformational shift—from grappling with task overload and time-consuming personnel challenges to adopting a people-first leadership approach. This is no mere adjustment; it's a pivotal transformation that significantly enhances your team's commitment, engagement, and prospects for long-term success. When your team thrives, you have the bandwidth to fulfil your true role as a leader.

Through our personalised and tailored coaching journey, you'll experience transformative leadership from the inside out. As a senior leader, we'll work on both retaining your
 top talent and honing your self-leadership skills. This balanced approach empowers you to navigate people's challenges with confidence, create highly effective teams, and evolve into the transformational leader you aspire to be.
Are you committed to developing yourself and others?

In the demanding landscape of leadership, many Leaders find themselves alone in organisations, lacking the necessary support to be successful, and sailing without any clarity of direction. Every Leader reaches a point where a reflective mirror is not just useful but essential. Having someone to objectively dissect challenges, pinpoint opportunities, and spark innovative thinking can be a game-changing step in your career.

That's where I come in.

As a seasoned Executive & Team Coach, I form a strategic partnership with Leaders like you geared towards retaining and nurturing your top talent. Our collaboration is far from conventional coaching; it's a bespoke engagement designed to arm you with actionable strategies and insights. Together, we'll cut through the corporate noise and fast-track your route to a cohesive, high-performing team. It's not just about weathering transitions; it's about elevating both you and your team to sustainable success.


The context is always shifting, and standing still in today's reality, is not an option.


Being a great leader starts with yourself. In our partnership, we'll zero in on what that means for you—fine-tuning your approach to leadership to optimise talent retention and team success. 

After all, their success is your success.

What some of our clients say

Gudrun is a great puzzle solver, and in our 1-to-1 Leadership Coaching, she supported me to disentangle my stories and differentiate between facts and interpretations.


Through her strong presence, she catches the moment and is able to shift the talk into more powerful insights and discover various beliefs that helped me to move forward.


She has helped me to stand firmly with perspectives, and thanks to her coaching, I created impactful steps in my career.

 - Goran, HR Senior Executive in Pharma


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