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Thriving at work starts with you. 

I help you optimize your development and take your career where you want it to be.  

The future of your career is in your hands.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, we face new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. Life may be unpredictable; you are not. You hold your future in your hands, and together, we will uncover the depth of your potential and strengthen your capacity to thrive and have the impact you seek at work. 

I have partnered with professionals from every sector to transform how they show up in their careers—supporting their growth, clarity of purpose and impact.  There is no one-size-fits-all. As an executive and team coach with over two decades of experience in talent and leadership development, the coaching journey will be custom-made and geared towards your goals and needs. 

The power of coaching

Coaching is a one-on-one process focused on identifying what is true for you - and leaning deeper into your strengths, values and potential. Real-time development is the best way to grow and cultivate self-awareness and self-mastery!

Addressing relevant topics

As your coach, I am your partner in tackling whatever issues and opportunities you face. To smartly manage your workload and well-being, create boundaries, prepare for high-stake conversations, prepare for a promotion or build confidence. If you want to bring in the whole team, we work on effective communication, enhancing visibility, clarity of purpose and stakeholder management - to name a few. 

Future back view

With the pace of change today, we get stuck in the here and now, just trying to survive. Reacting rather than creating. If you want to get somewhere, you have to know where you are going. In coaching, we sharpen the clarity of the future state so we can identify the action steps needed to get there.  

In a Meeting


"Gudrun has a great sense to follow clients’ needs and to respond in deep understanding and listening mode by hearing and catching exactly what is needed and what makes progress with actions to be taken. She helped me to understand myself deeper and better by going in-depth to various explorations".

"Gudrun is a great puzzle solver and supported me effectively to disentangle my stories and differentiate between facts and interpretations. Through her strong presence, she catches the moment and is able to shift the talk into more powerful insights and discovering various beliefs that helped me to move forward. She has helped me to stand firmly with perspectives and thanks to her coaching I have created impactful steps in my career".

 Goran, HR Executive and Business Coach

Let's face it, the world of work isn't just changing - its transforming! 

Hybrid work. Virtual teaming. Artificial Intelligence. Wellbeing in a demanding world. These and other advancements are reshaping careers and ways of working. 


When you are the one shaping your career, sharpening yourself, venturing outside of the comfort zone, speaking up and leveraging your strengths - you make change work for you - not against you. 

Confident man, hands on hips, stands in front of a crossroad with road split in three diff

Change is inevitable .. Growth is optional


At the heart of my approach is the belief that we need to continuously challenge ourselves to grow - to experience fulfillment professionally and personally. Coaching brings out the best in you and accelerates your progress! The Coach is the catalyst, supporting you with proven techniques to align your inner aspirations with your everyday reality.

Coaching programs are unique and tailored to your needs, incorporating learnings from two decades of experience in talent and leadership development - combined with Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC). It is the combination of my corporate business experience, leadership, psychology and coaching that allows me to effectively serve clients. 


Depending on coaching goals, we may take advantage of various assessments to deepen awareness of strengths, preferences, developmental opportunities, motivation and more.

Our first meeting is a complimentary opportunity for discovery. I work internationally and coach most of my private clients online.

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